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How it works

The Sports Mind Coach programme is based on the principles and techniques of “The MIND FACTOR™” which was developed by Karl Morris, one of Europe’s leading Mind Coaches.

Karl’s methods employ a practical approach to performance coaching that understands the role of the mind in sport and business. This has produced excellent results to get the very best out of individuals and teams alike.

It is widely considered that in today’s coaching a combination of first class technical understanding and mechanics is essential, but, the most important aspect is how we actually learn those skills and make the transition from practice into peak performance in today’s modern sports that are full of expectation and come with high levels of pressure.

The art and science of Skill Acquisition, Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Hypnosis, NLP and Life Coaching are all integral to the tools and techniques contained within the MIND FACTOR™ but have been refined into a practical model that you can begin to make use of right away.

Practicality is the driving force that underpins the MIND FACTOR™ principles in many ways. There can be little benefit to spending years of study if you cannot then sit down with a client and present them with a way forward to improve their performance.

Great coaching is about understanding how an athlete, team or player can integrate the mechanics and bio-mechanical principles with an approach that enables the body to perform at peak performance in any environment.

Having completed the MIND FACTOR™ Coaching Course and the more advanced MIND FACTOR™ Master Coaching Course, I am now a fully qualified MIND FACTOR™ Coach as well as a fully qualified Senior Practitioner of Hypnotherapy and a Certified Practitioner of NLP.

The mind is often overlooked in sports and it really does seem to play a most vital role in developing sportsmen and women alike.

Imagine how you want to use these powerful techniques combined with hypnotherapy and NLP to help you perform at your peak time and time again.

Your position right now in your particular sport is usually a result of your habit patterns and limiting beliefs. Unless you change these your position in the future will be EXACTLY THE SAME

Albert Einstein once said “The definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

I will work with you to change your habit patterns and limiting beliefs to improve your performance and maximise your full potential.

I extend an invitation to you right now to start training your mind to achieve peak performance. Let me show you the practical and appropriate tools used with the established MIND FACTOR™ methods.

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After the first session he went out and shot 4 under par and followed that up with a 2 under par. He was highly delighted and re-booked to work on improving his mind game to improve his chances of becoming a PRO.

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