About Trevor Ramshaw

Trev Ramshaw

MIND FACTOR™ Coach & MIND FACTOR™ Master Coach
Unlock your performance potential in your sport!

Having completed the MIND FACTOR™ coaching course and the more advance Master MIND FACTOR™ coaching course in 2012 I am now qualified to work with athletes across all sports.

I enjoy most sports but as a keen golfer (All weather)! I have applied many of the techniques that Karl taught me to my own game. I am now in a position to help professional and amateur sports men and women to use their mind to achieve success in whatever their chosen sport is.

I am also a fully qualified Practitioner of Hypnotherapy and NLP and have attended a number of courses over the last 8 years in this field.

I was trained by Patrick Farnsworth, a well know London based Hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner of NLP. I qualified as a Hypnotherapist in 2005 having completed the General qualification and the Diploma qualification in the same year.

With a background in senior management, I hold formal qualifications and have dealt with people at all levels for many years, both in groups and on a one to one basis.

I served in the Royal Navy 1980 – 1989 and was involved in the Falklands War back in 1982. I understand what stress is and how it can manifest and affect people differently.


  • MIND FACTOR™ Coach
  • MIND FACTOR™ Master Coach
  • General Qualification Hypnotherapy
  • Diploma Hypnotherapy
  • CPNLP Practitioner
  • Diploma Advanced Smoking Cessation
  • Diploma Advanced Weight Control & Hypnotic Stomach Banding
  • Diploma Stress Management
  • Diploma E.M.D.R (Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprogramming