The Golf Mind

Golf Mind Coaching LessonsTrevor works with professional and amateur golfers at all levels.

Golfers spend huge amounts of effort on training their bodies to be at the peak of physical performance and they also practice technique over and over again to achieve the right results with the golf swing.
Why is it that many golfers overlook and neglect perhaps the most important muscle in the body? The BRAIN!

We train to achieve optimum physical fitness and we practice our technique constantly, but we don’t train our brain!

Golf Mind Coaching Lessons

Trevor offers a range of team and individual performance consultancy and guidance by using mind, body and spirit techniques to maximise potential in the golfer’s performance. Trevor combines his Mind Coaching techniques with hypnosis to make changes at a subliminal level and greatly enhance performance. The subliminal changes mean help the golfer maintain peak performance without even having to think about it at the conscious level!

Just imagine the results you want to achieve with these methods!

Hypnosis can also assist with healing sports injuries and in some cases has reduced time out through injury by 50%. If you want to stay fit for golf then you may want to consider these valuable techniques.
Below are just some examples of the areas covered:

  • Performance enhancement: integrating a range of proven MIND FACTOR™ principles and techniques into the individual golfer’s training schedule on an individual and team level.
  • Belief!
  • Injury management, well being and holistic support to speed up the healing and recovery process.
  • Dealing with performance anxiety and stress
  • Pre-match preparation (routines)
  • Pre and post match coping strategies.
  • Removing performance blocks
  • Installing subconscious concentration skills prior to and during a game
  • Managing emotional changes, channelling emotional energy during a match and in training.
  • Ongoing performance management and monitoring throughout the season.

Trevor can work with individuals, teams small groups and work with coaches to make sure players take on a range of performance strategies that will enhance their performance. Trevor will apply these tools to give the players empowerment and self belief so that they can take control of their game by applying these techniques to improve performance.

An amateur golfer playing off a handicap of 1 approached Trevor as he was struggling with chipping, which was a major source of frustration. He believed he had the ability tee to green to play great, but if he missed a green and he had to chip he knew he would mess it up. SO THAT’s EXACTLY WHAT HE DID! IF you think that way, that’s what usually happens!

I used some techniques with him under hypnosis to change his mind set with regards to chipping. After the first session he went out and shot 4 under par (gross) and followed that up with a 2 under par (gross), he chipped in twice and got up and down every time! Needless to say he was highly delighted and re-booked to work on improving his mind game to ultimately improve his chances of becoming a PRO.

If you are interested in improving performance with these methods contact Trevor for further details. If you are a manager or coach considering the use of these methods please contact Trevor for a confidential discussion.
Train your golf mind