Corporate Golf or Golf Society Days

Golf DaysCorporate golf days or golf society days with a sports psychology theme can be a highly valuable and productive use of time for business enthusiasts who enjoy golf. These days aim to provide an insight into performance strategies and to give you tools that can be used immediately on the golf course. What better way to make a good impression with your clients and its also good to reward your own people for their hard work and commitment to your company.

The day covers a number of performance areas but can also be made bespoke to suit your requirements. I mainly focus on mental skills that you can apply on the golf course and these skills can be also be used every day in your business environment.

I start the day with workshops where I will profile your game using the MIND FACTORâ„¢ techniques. These techniques will cover proven mental skills that professional golfers and professional athletes from other disciplines use to gain results. These skills will also have a high level positive impact on your lifestyle and business.

Session examples – workshop and practical are show below:

  • Profile your golf game golf and business response optional)
  • How to stay in control of your emotions on the golf course (neutral thinking)
  • Use of triggers for improving concentration and focus
  • Coping strategies for stress and anxiety both on and off the course
  • How to think productively, be more self confident and have greater self belief.
  • Goal setting (business goal setting is optional).
  • Work out what type of golfer are you are, what are your goals and motive etc…
  • How to deal with YIPS

Train your golf mind