Healing injury with Hypnosis

Healing injury with HypnosisImagine a technique so powerful that it can speed up your healing process thus limiting the amount of time you spend on the side lines waiting to heal. Your star player could be available for selection much quicker and ultimately that could be the difference between finishing first or second!

The use of imagery and hypnosis techniques not only help athletes perform at their peak during competition, but research continues to find that speeding up the healing process by using specific mental skills and techniques and maintaining a positive mindset can be achieved with these methods

Hypnosis is a completely safe and can be used to help you tap into your inner healing process. Hypnosis is so powerful that it is has even been used to accelerate the healing process after major surgery.

I can work with athletes from any sport to promote and assist the healing of sports injuries to minimise the time spent on the sidelines waiting to recover. The process of recovery from injury for any athlete can be long and frustrating.

Sports injuries often invoke feelings of blame and guilt, which can affect you when injured. These emotions often tend to delay the recovery process. I will work with the athlete to replace these emotions with much more positive feelings, which should help the body recover much quicker.