Sports Gold Package

Sports Mind Coach - Gold PackageThe gold package offers you a complete programme to elevate your inner potential.

I will give you an immediate analysis of your game and then give you a number of tools to be used with immediate effect.

I will aim to change your limiting patterns and habits and replace them with different habit patterns of routine and success.

The programme includes 4 half days over the sporting year. I will work with you for 4 half days at your local venue or other convenient location and also provide a back up service by phone and email.

To play like a Pro you need to learn, think and prepare like a Pro. The MIND FACTOR™ techniques are widely used by a number of athletes across a variety of sports, including Tour Golfers such as Lee Westwood, Louis Oosthuizen, Graeme McDowell, Darren Clarke and Charl Swartzel.

A variety of packages are available to suit all players. If you want to achieve serious results then this programme could be the right one for you!

Please contact me for further details. I look forward to helping you unlock your inner potential.
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