Handicap dropped by 10 shots!
28th May 2015

Amateur going for PRO!

An amateur golfer playing off a handicap of 1 approached Trevor as he was struggling with chipping, which was a major source of frustration. He believed he had the ability to tee to green to play great, but if he missed a green and he had to chip he knew he would mess it up. SO THAT’s EXACTLY WHAT HE DID! IF you think that way, that’s what usually happens!

Trevor  used some techniques with him under hypnosis to change his mind set with regards to chipping. After the first session he went out and shot 4 under par (gross) and followed that up with a 2 under par (gross), he chipped in twice and got up and down every time! Needless to say he was highly delighted and re-booked to work on improving his mind game to ultimately improve his chances of becoming a PRO.

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