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26th November 2014
Got my self-belief back
19th September 2017

Handicap dropped by 10 shots!

I had been learning to play golf for 5 years and despite going to golf academies, taking lessons and practicing every week felt I was really not improving fast enough and was embarrassed about it – so my confidence suffered. I was going out expecting not to do well, and as expected so it happened. People would say you are much better than this, but every time I entered a club competition I would crumble.

I went to see Trevor as I had been asked to play in a match and was extremely nervous about it.

After the first session, I gained so much more confidence and felt a lot less nervous on the first tee and won my match resoundingly. Subsequently my handicap started to come down. After the second session, everything started coming together and in the following four weeks my handicap dropped by 7 shots and ten shots in total by the end of the summer.

I have so much more confidence and I’m so much happier with my game now.

I will continue with the sessions as part of my coaching as I feel they are a crucial part of pre-shot and post-shot thoughts, which are important to me having a good round.

Thank you so much.
WMJ Leeds

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