Sports Mind Coaching WorkshopsTrevor will deliver workshops for your club, team or organisation and tailor the workshop specifically for you. According to your needs, he will demonstrate the MIND FACTOR™ techniques and how you can get the most out of them within your coaching environment. The workshops are dynamic and aim to give you tools that you can use every day as part of your coaching practise.

I will discuss the points below with you to identify the requirements of your organisation. You will also receive an assured professional service at all times.

  • During the initial meeting I will investigate the requirements of your organisation and to ascertain a relevant programme that suits the needs of your company/organisation to include time frame and costs.
  • Ensure that the highest standards of safety and professionalism are maintained at all times.
  • Apply MIND FACTOR™ techniques and strategies and monitor progress and re-evaluate as necessary.
  • Encourage openness from athletes and myself and provide 1-1 and team feedback sessions regarding the results of the programme.
  • Ensure quality feedback is provided and continuity of contact with performers through face-to-face meetings, group consultations, written correspondence and telephone contact.

Trevor can tailor any workshop to suit your club, organisation, team or coach.

NEXT WORKSHOP: Coming soon – Subconscious Golf Workshop [MIND FACTOR™ techniques] – “Unlock your inner potential”

Please contact us for more details

For a consultation on how you can apply The MIND FACTOR™ techniques to sport in your chosen sport, contact Trevor for a further discussion.